Skeletons, closets,


I have a few.

I know I have secrets,

But what about you?

What do you have


Behind your eyes?

How do you deal

With all of your lies?

Would you bury them all

If you could?

Cast them aside

Gone for good?

I wouldn’t.

If you lose your deceptions,

I put it to you,

That you lose large part

Of yourself too.




Smoke and Mirrors

Sense, and making it

A splendid idea

But the point you’re making

It’s not very clear.


With the passing of time

I see in our culture

A steep decline

Opinions: popular

Don’t reflect mine.

With what they say

I can’t agree

Where they are coming from

I just can’t see.

So much action

Set in motion

By greed.


So what sense i make

Becomes a mistake

In a world full of take

and take

and take



Stomachs more than full.

No shame.

Life’s a game.


A thin premise of vulgarity

Your take

Astounds me.

A word can repulse

An image can offend

But it’s all smoke and mirrors

In the end.

What about lost lives

What about the heinous pride

What about the people

What about the youth

What about their parents

What about the truth?