Pills and a Promise.

As someone who has been prescribed medication for mental illness, I often contemplate the eagerness of people these days to resort straight to medication for all manner of mental health difficulties. I disagree with this approach, and I think that people just seem to be looking for the quick “fix” but not actually addressing the real problem. If you don’t like your face, and you put a mask over it, your face is still there. Mental health issues stem from deep seeded problems and until they are looked into, I personally don’t think they will be solved. I am not saying that medications are fundamentally wrong or that people who take them are likewise. I just don’t think they should be used as the first and only option for treatment. I also am not trying to imply that they are prescribed in this way in all cases.



Have this pill.

See how it makes

things better for you.

Watch as it brightens

up your whole day,

and alters your mind

in every way.

See if you’re yourself

after i’m through

Prescribing this happiness

from me to you.





I have struggled with depression and anxiety for almost as long as I can remember. I’m just starting to learn how to just get on with everything and just persevere and not let it stop me achieving goals. Life’s tough, that’s fine though. Anyway;


A Black Dog named Schmidt.

He follows me ’round.

No matter where I go

He can be found.

I always take him,

Wherever I am.

I just can’t shake him.

He yaps and barks,

And nips at my heels.

Bad memories he brings

On dusty old reels.

The thing about Schmidt

Is he’s not to be cured

I just have to learn

To live with the bastard.