I can’t talk

I can’t speak

Communication: weak.

Social skills

Reduced to a minimum.


Wonder what it was

That caused the recluse

No desire to meet anyone new.

Block my ears

Look to the ground

Avoid everyone else around.


I don’t want to know you

I don’t need you

If you knew me

I’d have to care for you.


Not for me

My speech is not free.

Alone in crowded rooms

I hope I’m just a ghost to you.


Lack of motivation?

Damaged foundations?

No means

No ends

No contact

No friends.


The minds a lot

My mind’s enough.

I don’t need them

To build me up.

I’m safer in solitude

What separates me from you.


To see them from the other side

Unaffected by their petty lies.


Abandoned me

What can contentment

Truly be?