Was talking to a friend the other day about the way no one has ever truly seen what they look like. You have seen yourself in photos and in your reflection but never actually seen yourself as everyone else sees you. There is always something influencing your perception of your appearance. Some academics have even put forth the idea this skewed sense of what you look like could be so far out of whack that if you walked past your exact self in the street you would not recognise them at all. I found this conversation fairly provocative. So i wrote about it…

When you look into a mirror

Do you really see yourself?

Or do you see qualifications

Implied by someone else.

Is what you really see

Just a measure of your health?

Just a couple of simple features

That could amount to wealth.

Or something much worse,

Could this reflection be a curse?


I don’t see a thing,

That can be truly judged.

A quick swipe of the hand

And this vision will be smudged.

Tell me what you really think.

Tell me who you are.

Show me what there is to know,

Not seen from a far.


So when you look into the mirror

What do you really see?

I don’t know what I see

But I‘m sure it isn’t me.

No one could see their true self

So negatively.


So stare longer at your inner self,

Instead of looking out.

Find out who you really are

With no one else around.

Find peace in humility,

Find freedom from the vanity.

And know who is truly speaking

When words pass from you to me.





Passing time

Just writing lines


Stimulating me

In these luls.

A stanza,

A verse,

Writer’s curse.

To find structure

In free flowing thought.

Inspiration can’t be bought.


The virus

Infects me

Just Language

Wanting to break free.

To pass to the next one

And infect their soul,

Infest the mind.

Change their perception

Of space and time.


Invalid arguments

Talking in circles

Creating rules

To govern thought.

To constrict an idea

To restrain the flow

And before you know

You’re saying one thing

Meant something else.




Don’t be the Hate.

I have a pretty big issue with racist/homophobic/judgemental/closed-minded/ignorant/brainwashed people who have so much hate in their hearts that they can not explain but choose not to question, instead choosing to punish people for existing, and push their poison onto others. If you judge people based on their race, background, religion, sexuality, stature, appearance, location, family tree, name, heritage or socio-economic background, you are a sub-human bastard, and I wrote a fucking poem about you:


I think I know why you say we aren’t all the same

Is it because you feel a little ashamed?

I know why you turn the other cheek,

It’s because you have opinions that you could never speak.


You’re not a crusader for good or a preacher of the truth

You’re an ignorant robot brainwashed through your youth.

There’s something in your mind that was part of a design

to blindly hate and generalise while you’re falling fast behind.


Because the world is learning that acceptance is a must

If we continue to persecute then all that’s left will be dust.

So the ones who break the mould are starting to stand up,

to say what they feel to the face of the corrupt.


Soon enough your breed will die out.

And you will be left without a mouth.

And all you’ve felt, and all you’ve said,

will put you in that stinking bed,

which for yourself you’ve made,

by refusing to change your negative ways.


So please wake up, to the realisation,

that the world is not made up of just one nation.

And no human is any less than any other,

hate and greed we must learn to smother.

Borders are just a human perception,

that they want to protect until the next election.


Anyway, all I’m trying to say is; be less afraid of what you don’t understand, think deeply and question yourself as much as anyone or anything else. Oh, and spread the love a little bit too.



Smoke and Mirrors

Sense, and making it

A splendid idea

But the point you’re making

It’s not very clear.


With the passing of time

I see in our culture

A steep decline

Opinions: popular

Don’t reflect mine.

With what they say

I can’t agree

Where they are coming from

I just can’t see.

So much action

Set in motion

By greed.


So what sense i make

Becomes a mistake

In a world full of take

and take

and take



Stomachs more than full.

No shame.

Life’s a game.


A thin premise of vulgarity

Your take

Astounds me.

A word can repulse

An image can offend

But it’s all smoke and mirrors

In the end.

What about lost lives

What about the heinous pride

What about the people

What about the youth

What about their parents

What about the truth?




Too Much to Say

This is my first post.
I am a 22 year old male.
I am too often finding myself to be lost within my mind. A whirlwind of thoughts and ideas crash around between my ears, and I am creating this blog to give myself an outlet to put my opinions out into the world in a reasonably unobtrusive way.
Poems will most likely make up the majority of what I post, but there will be other articles as well I suppose if I can fend off my lethargy for long enough to write them.

Laying in wait

with too much to say

And no way to escape

inside my brain.

To lay a thought down

With no one around

And scream to them all

Not making a sound.

We run and we fall

Keeping up with this world.

Who would pick us up,

when we are too far ahead.

All else on this earth

have been left for dead.